Stopped receiving ads 3 days ago and I’m afraid that I’ll loose my existing BAT also

I stopped receiving ads 3 days ago and I’m afraid that I’ll loose my existing BAT also.

In sep21 same thing happened. Not only i was unable to claim pending rewords but had to clean the data because hitting the claim button gave me an error which continued till next month so i decided to wipe the data of the app.
I lost around 10-11 BAT+ whatever was pending for claiming.

Please help this thing keeps happening i dont know why.


To avoid losing the accumulated BATs, try to create an account in Brave Creator and Auto-Tip yourself the BATs.

You just need to create the account, add a social network and connect the Uphold/Gemini wallet.

Then you visit your social network account and send yourself a tip.


After recovering those BATs in your Brave Creator account you can uninstall Brave Browser and reinstall it again to solve issues.

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I’ve created uphold but it keeps saying we are still processing it’s been over a month. It says verify your identity but when i follow their steps it looks likes its already been verified because there is not notice saying please verify in my profile on uphold.


@milo298 Check if your account is still valid @ brave://rewards-internals/

It says
Key info seed: Valid
Wallet status: Not connected

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