Stopped getting ads in Dec 2020

Most of December I didn’t get any ads.

Connected to US or UK.

I just upgraded to
Version 1.18.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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I have the same issue…

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If you will not follow the template at least delete it, not doing so make your post unnecessarily long

About your problem, it happened to me too.

Same here (EU). Windows 10.

Sorry - My mistake for not reading past one-liner.

But steps to rep are “use brave”
Actual results are: no ads
Expected results are: Some ads.



The link you listed closed yesterday and I see a list of similar topics.

I don’t mean to be a pain - but for the 63 cents I earn every month (when your system decides to work) I have more important demands on my time.

The service Brave offers is regularly not working - that’s your problem. I told you and hoped for a quick reply and maybe even a solution. I’d still like to get them - I love the idea of Brave. But it loses a most of its value over FireFox with inconsistent execution.

Any solutions?

Yeah the topic is closed but you can still read it right?

Ahem, no, not my problem I ain’t brave owner

I took out my growing frustrations with this team on you. My apologies for being rude.

It is Brave’s problem though. The link you gave just shows it’s an ongoing issue at the very core of their key selling point they don’t seem terribly interested in dealing with.

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Can anyone fro Brave Support address this please? @Aa-ron

OK - I checked push notifications on and I see an error. I looked into settings and found I have mine off.

Question: I assume that Brave ads settings have a higher priority than other Push notifications, correct? So the ads will get pushed even if I have Push off?

I ask because I want whitelist only Push, but I don’t see an option to turn on Brave ads.

Anyway - I do get a few Browser image ads but my BAT earnings don’t increment.

So - does anyone at Brave care? @Aa-ron maybe?

No reply?

OK - I’ve spent my time in good faith trying to solve this with zero interest from Brave. As I see it - paying users is at the core of the deal - I use their browser, view their ads, they pay me. They haven’t paid and have shown zero interest in doing so. A quick scan of issues shows that this is far from rare. It’s a regular issues they’ve got.

A couple months back Brave Publishers took BAT from my Uphold wallet without my authorization. This is also not a rare thing (look at the Issues list). They did return it - but I wonder how many people simply never noticed and so let them keep their unauthorized withdrawal (is there another name for such a thing?)

I’m not going to suggest it is (or turning into) a s.c.a.m but it’s getting harder and harder not too.

Funny - I just tried to post this but their system popped up an error telling me the word starting with s and ending with cam was not allowed and would let me post. Hmmm…

I’m back to FireFox.

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