Stopped BAT earning

Why my BAT earning is stopped . Yesterday I had transferred bat of Feb month after that my BAT earning stopped .I am getting ads but not bat

I’ve got the same problem

I have the same problem aswell. And have not received the previous month of rewards. Has a solution been found

Same problem on one of my devices. Earning on my phone (Android) and first laptop (MacOS) with wallets verified, but stopped earning for ads and cannot link to Gemini or Uphold on my second laptop (Windows). It was working fine for several months with Gemini as well as Uphold.

Now i have stopped receiving ads too.:neutral_face: How many brave can I link to a same wallet(Means Can I link 1 laptop 2-3 phone brave in same wallet?)

Hey @ritikkumar352 You can link upto 4 devices with one uphold account.
Thank you

Same here. It happens since the beginning of the year.

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