Stop using third party links for your brave reward ads

I don’t want to see ads that need to go through a third party. I don’t want to support doubleclick. Stop the middleman taking all the money.

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you do not need to click the ads notification to be counted just seeing it would be enough

and the link is configured by the advertiser so if you interest of the ad you see you can click on it to get more info about the product or the service they offer

and have a nice day

@justsomeone1 I know I don’t need to, but I have ad serving domains blocked, so it just angers me if I want to visit the offer. Don’t you understand what I’m upset about? I see a middleman taking money from me basically. I want Brave to be the only middleman, going directly to the offer without third party intervention.

sorry @141 but i am not sure that i got you

but I have ad serving domains blocked?what you mean by that

could you give screen shot or video to explain it

I have blocked ad serving domains forever, even using the host file pointing them to localhost. For example, anything that goes through is not something I’m going to see. I don’t want these middlemen to exist to redirect links and take a part of the advertising cash. Brave being the only middleman is what I expect.

got it now

thanks for explaining and have a nice day :slight_smile: