Stop Scheduled Monthly Payment

Received Message: "“Your scheduled monthly payment for Auto-Contribute and monthly tips could not be completed due to insufficient funds. We’ll try again in 30 days”
However I did not have an “scheduled monthly payment” amount. I had my auto-contribute turned off. It still emptyed my BAT. How do I stop this from trying in 30 days? How do I make sure it stops generating transactions in my Uphold account that I do not want? Thanks!!

Hi @Troy_S,

Yikes, thanks for reporting. Please email our support team at

The subject line of your email should be “Auto-Contribute Issues”. Please include 2 pieces of information in your email:

  1. On desktop , open up brave://rewards-internals on your affected browser and cut and paste the information into your email. Do not share this information with anyone else!
    Android: Open chrome://rewards-internals
    iOS: Settings > Brave Rewards > Wallet creation date (copy info)
  2. Let us know the estimated amount of BAT you believe you lost as a result of the Auto-Contribute bug.
  3. Make sure you are on the latest version of Brave or you may lose your BAT again. Please include a screenshot of your “About Brave” page indicating that you are on the latest version of Brave .

Should I be concerned about the warning it will try again the “scheduled monthly payment” in 30 days?

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