Stop putting pdf results in search, sick of clicking what looks like a regular link only to have a file I don't want downloaded onto my phone

Brave puts pdf downloads into search results and they automatically download to my device and I’m sick of it

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I search something.
  2. Click a link
  3. Brave automatically downloads a pdf

Expected result:

Stop automatically downloading pdf onto my device, or seperate pdf results from main search results, really f’n sick of this.

**Brave Version 1.11.105

android 10

i can’t tell the difference between a normal website page like html and a pdf in search results on mobile, and so often I click a search result and it instantly downloads a pdf to my phone, this is the worst. Feel like cursing for emphasis

This is current expected behaviour. There is no way to open PDF’s in-browser.

Can there be a prompt confirming I want to download a file to my device? Or a little icon at the start of the link that says pdf or even change the color of the pdf links.

There’s a solution to this. To assume that I want to download files to my device like this is so very wrong. Sometimes I can end up downloading 4-5 pdf files that I never would have wanted. This is ridiculous not having a prompt or visual indicator that the link is an automatic download

How search results shows up is upto the search engine. Browser wont be able to modify it . If the link is to a PDF it downloads and loads in the default PDF viewer or if its a link it will open the page. Browser can’t manage how search results are viewed. Unfortunately this is the current and expected behaviour. We won’t be deviating from upstream Chromium behaviour on this.

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