Stop PDFs from being saved in Downloads folder - already checked settings

I noticed my download folder is filled with PDFs. It seems every time I open one up from any website, it automatically gets saved even though brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments has the “download PDFs” unticked. The “open PDFs in Brave” is checked, because apparently one of the two has to be checked off.

I tried checking “download PDFs” instead, hoping it might prompt me for a location - nope. The PDFs are opening in Adobe Reader, which is what I want, but I don’t want them to be saved in downloads. For example, my bank statements - I would rather they be saved in folders for each account, in my Documents folder. As it is now, I have to save them from Adobe, then delete the downloaded files in Download.

Is there any way around this? Thank you for your help.

We haven’t changed the default behaviour from Chrome/Chromium here, I believe it may change based on the last saved file. There maybe extensions that adjust how pdf’s are handled, but we’re just mirror default Chromium behaviour regarding saving/viewing pdfs.

Any changes (bug reports) to this should reported to

Thanks for the reply - I already had those settings. But I appreciate the help!

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