Stop Loading Page option (REMEDIED -- CLOSE TOPIC)

Description of the issue:

Can’t stop page load if hangups occur (specifically for developing apps) such as too many requests or stack overflow situations. On chrome when a page is loading you can hit the ‘X’ next to the url and the page will stop loading.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Execute an infinite loop in the console
  2. Develop an angular app for the first time and misunderstand where component rendering occurs to create an infinite CORS access errors
  3. Load a resource heavy site with ten thousand network errors

Expected result: Be able to stop a webpage from loading if its throwing too many errors or requests

Brave Version( check About Brave): Any version since beta and leading up to the stable build as of 12/27/2019

Additional Information: Please give me an X to stop page loading so I can develop apps using brave instead of chrome

Are you sure? I get the X when the page is loading… Am I missing something?

That’s odd, when developing an angular app yesterday and the day before I wasn’t given the option to stop the page from loading, and so I tried to stop other popular sites from loading and I still never saw the ‘X’. This morning, I saw your reply, loaded up the angular app, and for some reason I was able to pause the page load with the ‘X’… I dunno man.