Stop (domain-)redirects

Description of the issue:
What’s up bois, this happens on a couple of websites, also with ads, but I’ll take as an example: when going to their main URL, it currently automatically redirects to . Is there a way - and if not, could you create one - to stop that redirect from happening without my consent? I’d be happy with a Brave pop-up saying something like “ wants to redirect you to [decline] [allow]”

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. visit
  2. find yourself on
  3. ???
  4. you lose

Expected result:
find myself on

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.0.1 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

I don’t believe this option exists in Brave – in fact, in testing I didn’t see this option/feature in any browser. Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari all redirect to with no option to block/disallow the redirect.

I think your best option is to see if there’s an extension that will do it for you or to hit the Stop button real fast :stuck_out_tongue:

And do you not suppose this would be a sensible feature to have? Isn’t it somewhat of a security risk for websites to be able to just randomly send visitors to wherever without even asking? As mentioned in my OP, this is also a way in which some more shady websites regularly send users towards loads of ads (with the potential of malicious scripts being executed). Brave is still not blocking that and having this feature would automatically also prevent these ads.

Additionally, and the main reason why I bothered opening the topic, this problem I described 3 months ago still persists and the only solution is for me to visit the exact same page as before and then re-enable shields, as I described here:

So now I have a weird cookie-setting in Brave for but I cannot get rid of it because in order to do so, I’d have to visit and then disable shields but within milliseconds I’m being sent towards

What do?

Try the following:

  1. Go to brave://settings/content/cookies
  2. At the top, toggle the Clear cookies and site data when you quit Brave option “on”
  3. Add the domain of the cookie in question to the Clear on exit list here by either:
    • Clicking the “more options” menu, then Clear on exit
    • Clicking Add in the Clear on exit section and manually adding the appropriate domain to the list
  4. Quit the browser, then relaunch

Now check to see if the cookie remains.

As you’re likely short on time, you probably didn’t re-read the entire thread I linked. The list entries aren’t cookies but cookie-settings . Cookie-settings aren’t being deleted when closing the browser.
I found a way to get rid of all of them at once: I had to enable “content settings” for “delete on exit”. Now my entire list of content settings was nuked, as expected, so I’ll have to reconfigure all my settings, but at least I finally got rid of all the annoying entries for sites I can’t even browse to anymore. It is still quite annoying/buggy how this entire issue is handled by the browser. These entries shouldn’t even appear in that list and they also shouldn’t be “undeletable” manually.

The question still remains if the unauthorized auto-redirects aren’t a security risk. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be that hard to code the option for Brave to ask users whether they want to allow such a redirect or not. If none of the other browsers offer this, even better: another advantage Brave will have over them. You already introduced an “advanced” mode for shields, why not also have it for other settings so users have to enable this feature if they wish while boomers can keep being redirected without getting irritating questions about it from Brave.

Brave will alert you if you’re being redirected somewhere unsafe, as well as if you’re attempting to connect to a “lookalike” site (ie vs

I think the redirection is done on the server side. Brave then should not honor 302 and 304’s. That would break a lot of sites.
If this would/could/should be possible i would like to suggest an even more important feature request: Deny redirects based on geo location. I travel a lot and whenever i go to a country where i don’t speak the language i am presented with websites i cannot understand, just because the geolocation finds me in that country. If we could stop that, now that would be a cool feature.

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