Stolen 5 b.a.t.s !?!

I noticed that I gave a tip without my permission. the channel is not even registered in the brave browser.The channel is La Fabrique Vidéo
on YouTube.:money_with_wings:

Hi @HarveyMK - can you send a screenshot of your tipping history? Thanks in advance!

sorry i have a tablet. I tipped some guy once. the name has been changed to something French that is not registered. I gave 5 bats to Maciej Tomczyk Channel on Youtube.

śr., 4.03.2020, 20:53 użytkownik steeven via Brave Community [email protected] napisał:

Here you go .

śr., 4.03.2020, 21:07 użytkownik Harvey M.K. [email protected] napisał:

Which of these tips was sent without your doing?

the First tip. I don’t have idea what is this.:skull:

I want a prize with an indication of this cheater. is a known hacker and steals cryptocurrencies. is worth at least 100 B.A.Ts😎

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