broken with shields up

I was able to report that is broken using the Brave menu option, but was not given a space to say what is wrong. What is wrong is that when I click the inspect box on a SharpChart, instead of getting a pop up box that surrounds (and provides a white background for) all of the stock price and volume data that pops up, the box surrounds only the letters at the extreme left of the pop up. This leaves the other pop up data on a transparent background, and thus much harder to read because the pop up data is overlaid on the chart itself.

If I turn Brave’s shields off, the pop up window performs normally, but then I’m peppered with ads along the right margin. I have a paid subscription to this site, so don’t think that I should have to see a lot of ads in order for the pages to function properly. Having all of these ads load also slows down the loading of the charts noticeably. That’s not what I’m supposed to experience using Brave.

Can this be fixed by Brave?

If you Allow fingerprinting and/or Allow all cookies in Brave shields should resolve it