Still waiting who helps me

Greetings! @steeven on April 6th I had 43.46 bats and the next day I was 6.93 however the 37 missing bats were not transferred to my maintenance wallet, please teeven help me. come help me Or what will happen to the brave? I leave captures

How you earn so much bat ??

His wallet last known payout was February, maybe it accumulated that much BAT because he wasn’t being paid out. And it seems now that it just disappeared altogether. :frowning:

I noticed that
but last deposit 109 bat and after 3 months 43 bat earn

Oh yea, i missed that. He could be a content creator, eg YouTuber or crypto blogger, earning BAT from contributions

Greetings, those are old and I claim that they were debited and they were not sent to my wallet uphold

yes of course in February, but still I had bat in my wallet which would be paid to my uphold portfolio in March and in those months the brave platform had problems with the payment as @steveen said but, in April they were debited with Bat missing to claim but it was not sent to my uphold wallet and that is my claim since April and they still help me to recover my bat

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