Still waiting on payout for April


How long should you wait, from the BAT going from estimated to your Uphold wallet?

Had a lot of trouble last month, this month everything working, I hope…just wanted to know how long to wait before reporting.


Hi @sneakybrit - up to 24hrs from now :slight_smile:

Thanks for writing in.

Hello @steeven, my account still has problems.
When all the payment problems are solved, I contact you to check my account calmly. Regards.

Hi @steeven Thanks, reason I asked is, in the creators page there’s a progression bar for rewards payout, why isn’t there one for the ad payouts, sure it would help.


Excellent that is a very good idea, @steeven can that idea be possible?

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Hi, @steeven waited more than 24hrs no payout.

3 computers 1 verified Uphold account, Up to date Version 1.8.95 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hey @Asad @Aa-ron @Mattches - when ya’ll have a moment can you take a look @ @sneakybrit’s issue. @Asad I know that y’all worked together a bit for last month’s payout as well. Thanks!

Hi, @steeven Still nothing and not heard from anyone since you posted.

As per the banner at the top of Community, You will need to wait for these upgrade versions in order to successfully claim:
1.18.1 Android
1.16.1 iOS
1.9 Desktop

Hi, @Aa-ron @Asad little confused, It normally goes in to my uphold wallet automatically, well should…nothing but trouble for the last 3 months, I’d like at least a month where I don’t have to come on here or wait for payout. I guess you didn’t read the post or get any background to my problem, quick copy paste job hey.

hi, @Aa-ron @steeven wouldn’t mind some help instead of a quick copy paste job. Verified uphold wallet, latest version of the browser on 3 comps to 1 uphold account, estimated balance disappeared on the 6th had no payout. Why in the h*ll do I have to wait till version 1.9 to “Claim” to get this months payout?

Still no payout 13/05/20
1 browser paid, balance showing Bat wallet but nothing shows in the Uphold wallet. 14/05/20

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