Still waiting for disbursement

I connect my Brave Account with uphold, and I read some place that the step 4 is to wait for disbursement. I have some BAT gathered, but till today this doesn’t show in my uphold account. My account was verified (I sent photo, DNI, etc. I don’t know what else it must be done?

If you’re a Creator, payout date is the 8th of every month. If you’re a user referring to funds earned from Brave Ads, payout date is the 5th of every month.

I think I can explain myself with an image. I am a Creator and I have some BATs in my account. But as I said in my verified uphold account I have none. I waiting for disbursement.

Perhaps some threshold value I have to wait until it happens?

This one @T800 :point_up:
It’s also mentioned on your screenshot.

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