Still The payout report is currently generating wil we get payout in time?

The payout report is currently generating. but it’s 4th mar. will we get payout in 8th - 9th mar or not?

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Yes – if everything is OK with your account. Freeze period (when all contribution from previous month is being prepared) is from 1-7th (with the message above) and payout is happens around 8th, US time zone.

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but sir last month at 4th feb it was payout in progress but now it’s still generating payout report. why so late in this month?

@RRS I have the same as you.

I also have the same problem.
Very strange.
Several days and the same message.
The normal would be the payment is already being processed or verified…


Bro i aslo seen the same problem ism still waiting

It’s showing now. check again.

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bro see what is this issue tell me

Algunos de ustedes se les actualizaron los confirmados antes de la congelación?
Es decir en el cuadro azul me salen los confirmados pero no en el monto de los bats

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