Still Not Solved : Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?!

Still Not Solved : Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?!!! for All computer and Mobiles

hint : I am from Palestine

Hi welcome to the Brave community @spiritbird86

The number of ads you see depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your country and match found between your interest,

Brave Ads - Supported Countries,

Brave Ads FAQ,

There is no ads at all … will u test it in my region Palestine , and tell me the result… since i test it on 6 devices till now (pcs and mobile)

hint : i did all configuration above before and the same

First check how many ad campaigns available in your country

  • Palestinian Territory (1) , so that’s mean i will not have profits???

i used vpn in on mobile to be in US(91) campaign , but still no ads why?

If your browsing interest match with your current ad campaign,
For now you can see only one ad

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