Still not received the remaining BAT balance

It’s already September 9 and in a few hours it will be September 10. I have 30+ pending BAT for the month of August. But I only received 17+ BAT last September 5.
I have already dm you but still no response. Please check it. thanks

Hi @azarias26 - publisher payouts are still processing - Publishers Payout Update Thread: September 2020.

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thanks :+1: @steeven
I hope you have received and checked my dm with details + screenshots. I really need it ASAP so I can withdraw all my earnings to pay someone and to buy food. thanks in advance

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@steeven please check the link to my DM , you asked me to Dm you concerning suspended BAT

When will we receive the remaining balance? It’s almost September 13 here. thanks

Please see Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold for updates.

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Can I still receive the remaining pending balance on mid September? I should have received at least between 22-30 BAT total as I had viewed 500+ noti ads last month. And I have just installed brave browser on my laptop. I hope there will be no problems with my uphold account. thanks :+1:

@steeven Hi, it’s already September 18 but still not received the remaining balance.

Hi @azarias26, this payment should be processing soon.


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