Still Not Pay Feb and almost Half Displays Paying of Feb Month

Still Not Payout of Feb Month and it Displays almost Half Of The Payout. Please Clear It

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I think that was bug. I receive 1 bat but it shows 0.5bat something.

Yes Brave it is half and Waiting So Much time to Receiving Rewards.

you have to wait until the business day in San Francisco starts, so be patient

Well, when will the business day start in San Francisco? and what about another half coins?

business day starts in 6,5 hours and during this business day it start the payout.
About the half of coins, there was problem, it has been identified that ads have not been about to be reconciled. Brave is aware and would like us all to know that we will receive what has rolled over as part of next month’s payment.

Ok Thank You Bro. Very Helpful Information given by you.

no problem, you are welcome :slight_smile:

Please follow this thread for updates regarding March payments - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!