Still no sign of payout in wallet

Still no sign of our money and all we’re getting is a link to a post from 24hrs ago saying that its “pending”. Some of us need our money, I’d have thought the mods or devs would be a little more forthcoming since a lot of people seem to be upset.


I have the same problem, yesterday i saw my bat its ready to send, but i connect wallet today im not seeing my bat from november and what i must to do now? Its missing or what if i verify my wallet today? My sending day is all 7 day on month, so my payment must be today


Same problem, i should received BAT, but i have nothing on my wallet now. It was supposed to be today. …


Really… it is still pending. It says it right at the top of the page.
And you even mentioned that you saw it.

Payouts happen between the 8th and the 12th.
Every month it’s the same. People panicking for no reason.

IT IS PENDING. That means it’s not sent out yet. You read it but decided to ignore it.
Just wait a few more days and calm down.

This is literally how it works every months. As long as you don’t see payments finished, it is being processed and you will get it.


The banner at the top is a post from over 26hrs ago. I’ve always been paid promptly, thats the entire point of the “7 days until” BS we wait through every month.

7 days until processing if payments. Processing starting on the 7th as the message states every month. And when processing of payments begins, we got that status at the top.
It will not change until payments are all done. Always being like that.

It is nobody’s fault mate that you did not read the messages properly.

Processing began yesterday at the very least according to their own post. Looks like you’re the one who doesn’t read.

Exactly. That is what I am saying. And literally past the last year I usually got my bat on the 9th.
You gotta chill. You make hot air over nothing.


Payout process has started – it will take some time to get to everyone. Please be patient and observe the payout progress banner at the top of the homepage: