Still no rewards and status is completed

Still no rewards and status is completed. I have not received any BAT yet. What now?


Same here. Status say Rewards are sended at 2022-02-14. But still not in Uphold. :frowning:

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What you need to do is on my post at Still no payout? read this before posting

@Saoiray Our Problem have nothing to do with Brave Internals etc.
If you look closely under the Title it shows “Creator”.

In my Case, i dont want to complain to the brave-team. I just inform Pablo0666 that he´s not the only one. :slight_smile:

Done. I sent the info to @steeven

@Ghosthunter Ah, you’re right. I just looked through a bunch of past stuff on Creators and it seems similar, though there might be something like the one you can see at A ligelong wait with Brave creators - #2 by steeven which says you have to include email associated with your Creator account. But either way, it kind of all falls back to similar answer, haha.

same thing for me…

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