I clicked on a LOT of ads this past February 2021, when I go to look at my earnings there is NOTHING showing, no credit for all those ads at all. I can see January earnings but these past few days NOTHING is showing for February and NOTHING was swept into my Uphold account. I can see earnings for this month, March, in the top right corner after clicking on the triangle icon - but not in the main summary box page. so what’s going on with February earning not being recorded and no BAT for it?? I’m still receiving ads to click on but I’m not inclined to do so anymore, NO WAY, as long as this mystery is happening. because, for all I know, any March credits I earn could also suddenly disappear. Is there anyone who can help with this very frustrating issue?


well, it has only gone from bad to worse:

my monthly Brave Browser summaries have been blank since February. ACCUMULATED earnings have shown up occasionally in the Brave Rewards box that opens after clicking on the icon at the top right corner…but now NOTHING shows up there either! yet the browser continues to manage sending me ad offers to click on. which I, foolishly, continued to accept because BAT continued to showed up per Uphold emails and money got to my checking account.

but the BAT, it’s showing up in batches, as in the emails, instead of one total credited amount of BAT [the way it used to appear] it has more recently been showing up in weirdly divided amounts to equal a mystery ‘total,’ which I can’t even know if it’s correct. because there’s no longer any accounting of BAT showing up, for all my efforts, in any way.

it’s been getting so bad that I was planning to start taking photos of ‘my BAT balance’ [+ the USD balance underneath it, of course] at least a few times a day. but with NO MONTHLY SUMMARIES and NO ACCUMULATED [so far] BALANCE showing now either, all that appears are zeroes showing up in both places re: the browser itself. so all I’d be capturing is images of nothing, other than that

and so many people are complaining about experiencing these same issues [here in the forums and btw, also other places online] that it really feels like a scam. because we’re no longer being properly credited and seems that we’re, literally, being robbed by both BRAVE and Uphold.

all of this is unacceptable and I now DEFINITELY have no incentive to click on ads anymore. and with no resolution, so far, it seems the only thing to do is end things completely by uninstalling the Brave Browser. because what’s the point of having it and using it at all?, since they’re treating so many of us, who are the users, so terribly.

and looking around the www, it’s quite clear this has been complained about by MANY other Brave Browser users for well over a year, at least. so, why is this continuing to be an unsolved, ongoing issue?


and yet again: still NO response from support after I first commented 2 months ago. BAT earned is showing for January 2021 and that is the most recent ‘record’ showing, although seems to be a smaller than it actually was. and still no BAT earnings activity showing up in up my Rewards wallet for February, March, April, showing only 00.00 BAT, even though funds were earned and swept into my Uphold account for those months by me and then automatically - even though I did not change any settings.

but since there’s no record of my activity I still have NO way of knowing if I was paid fairly. this is really shady, not to show the efforts I and, clearly also that many others made, in order to earn BAT. seems like we’re being taken advantage of as a result of our willingness to somehow still hope the Brave browser admin will actually do right by us.

but it’s looking bleak. and honestly, with the lack of a proportionate response to the problem - as is evidenced by scrolling through far too many posts of concern over the past year or so - it’s difficult to not think there are some bad actors behind the scenes. ones that are, deliberately, sitting on their hands over this, intending and determined to not fix anything.

now, today, I see only a small amount of the token when I scroll down to my wallet’s “pending payments” but it says the next payment date is not until June 5! with nothing credited for my April activities at all. and even though I felt no real incentive to click on ads this past month, like a glutton for punishment and for feeling very unappreciated, I guess, I did choose to click on some of them, just to see if I’d ever get credited again. but no, I did NOT get credited in my wallet for the BAT I earned this past month. and now there’s no payment pending for May 5. it’s just more of the same of what’s been going on in the past few months.

so, what the he11 is really going on? why are so many of us having issues with being credited and being properly paid?? even Uphold mails have been sketchy, as I mentioned before. and just how is it the Brave admins are having so much trouble doing the right thing, after so much time has gone by?? because this longtime, ongoing issue - as we can see from comments going back to at least early last year - is actually 100% inexcusable at this point. this is not a good look for the Brave Browser project at all

and I imagine if advertisers who have ads in the system learn about this problem they would not be happy either - and would also be justifiably concerned about the veracity of the service they’re expecting to receive re: viewer impression numbers. because if we’re being treated like this, how can they know their ads are really being seen by us?

right now I would not recommend the Brave Browser to anyone, esp., not my family and friends. and this time I’m definitely done looking at Brave ads unless I see this issue corrected. since the people running this program @ Brave know full well about this issue but they seem unmotivated to fix this very serious problem, which is truly shameful.

@steeve new problem without receiving bat I had this same problem again

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