Still no payout and it's April 11th despite payments alleged to be compelte

Have received payouts previous months like clockwork. - when the value was low.

Seems EXCEPTIONALLY SUSPICIOUS that as soon as the value of BAT skyrockets no one gets paid I’ve counted 79 users so far of complaining of no payout. I’m already not happy with Sandman’s treament and I’ve advocated for Brave quite a bit. I’m starting to think I made a terrible mistake.

I use brave for one reason only. I plug brave for one reason only. But I’m seeing a trend of penny pinching seeming behaviour.

sounds pretty logical suspicion

Hi, I have the same problem. My rewards are gone, but there is no activity, nor is it in my uphold wallet…it’s the second time, and it’s getting really annoying.

I am in a similar situation, my March rewards disappeared in the brave browser but they did not load anything in my uphold wallet. I am very indignant.

I’m also struggling, NO Clear answer given they will transfer Rewards or NOT :neutral_face:

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If you didn’t receive this month’s payment, please follow the intructions highlighted in the post: