Still no ads despite my wallet being unblocked

Still won’t get ads despite my wallet address getting unblocked.

what’s the deal?

yea i have not had any ads in about a month now… once i realized that i was actually earning BAT from viewing ads, the ads stopped… i am not sure what i am supposed to do or if its a glitch… because today i seen that brave would not update teh browser and i thought that maybe that was the issue… so i simply downloaded and installed the newest version of brave… and its updated but still no ads

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its not a glitch, i guarantee you that. they are probably trying to prevent people now from profiting, or they no longer have any advertisers. something is really off. to have that many people complain and brave being silent about the whole ordeal.

silence from the developers is really fishy.

really? i just hope you are being sarcastic.

my bat didn’t increase one cent since 3-4 months now. they told me that my wallet was blocked (god knows for what reason) and they unblocked it.

still nothing. my money is on it still being blocked.

bumping back up. this is extremely frustrating. isn’t there anyone here that would be willing to address the countless complaints that has been raised by users?

Have you re-installed your browser?

@panchanand i tried everything mentioned in the troubleshooting guide they have setup here. and reinstalling.

First Ask brave team to unlink your uphold from brave.
Then uninstall brave.
After this you go to a folder named Appdata there you will find a folder named brave delete that folder and re-install brave browser

This will definitely help you

ask them? if they are responsive. lol

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should i just give up on this getting resolved?

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