Still need Assistance BAT claim assistance

To whom it may concern,

In the Month of May of 2020 I have not been able to claim my BAT points on my iPhone X and gives me a “Oops error…” it’s now June and I have been able to collect June’s BAT but not May’s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Frankly the reminders that I have uncollected BAT points and the constant orange dot by the triangle in the upper right corner of the screen is getting annoying…


Hi @Mucklebones - thanks for reporting. Can you DM me your Rewards Internals?

Hi Steeven,

How do I find my reward internal?

Hello @Mucklebones , you may use the links below to get your rewards internals.

Sorry if I’m doing this wrong, but I copied and pasted into my url and it just goes to google search results.

I’m not sure if this works for smart phones, @steeven please advise. Thanks

Does it matter if the problem is on my iOS mobile device and not my PC? If I open the link on my PC will I get the info needed to resolve my mobile issue with the May 2020 BAT issue?

Hi @Mucklebones. To get info about your internals from your iPhone X go to settings of Brave browser, click Brave Rewards, then click on the date of the wallet creation and then in a below popup you will see the link to copy information for support team. Once clicked, then you can paste it to notepad or anywhere. Please see screenshots below how to reach it

@Mucklebones Steven asked you to send the info via DM because it’s contained personal information. To do so, login to this site > click Steven username > Message.

Ah crap. Thanks for the heads up. I have sent a DM to Steven as suggested. Steven did you receive?

Hello. I am reaching out to you Curious if there is an update on a solution to the problem. Thank you.

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