Still haven't received a single BAT since April - Part 2

Hello everyone! Maybe some of you still remember this post: Still haven't received a single BAT since April

Well, “surprisingly”, I still haven’t received any BAT even for June. It’s been almost three months, and I still don’t get any BAT, and I will make this post every month before this issue is fixed.

I already sent the info about my wallet to multiple people from support team.

I even complained on Reddit, when this guy from Brave called “chriscat” offered me help, but then proceeded to ignore me:



@chriscat @steeven What can be done about this? The payments have been ‘processing’ since April, can you PLEASE finally help me? Otherwise I am turning the ads off.

Thank you.

Edit: No, the button to claim my rewards wasn’t there, and for some reason, the next “payout” got pushed to August, not July.

Edit 2: I don’t have an Uphold wallet, I am using an unverified one.

Edit 3: Yes, I still do receive sponsored messages on main screen of Brave. No, I don’t get any BAT for it.


If you find a way to solve it, update here please. I’m having the same issue, wasn’t payed on May and ads haven’t been counting since then. My estimated pending rewards have been stuck on 4.358 for more than a month now.


Maybe the only way to get an answer from Brave is when we ALL stop clicking on adds untill the problem is solved.

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I guess what will happen is that steeven will come here and thank me for noticing this issue. Then he will ask me to DM him my wallet info, and then ignore me, same as with chriscat.

I am sorry for sounding annoyed, but this is all getting a bit tedious.

Hi @Dandar, the reason for your issues is that your wallet has been flagged by our automated system for irregular activity.

I can remove the flag shortly and that should resolve your issue.


I have the same issue for last few months and it happened again. What’s going on?


In my opinion I have the same problem too.

Same issue and cannot get any help whatsoever.

Hi i have the same issue, can you please help me also?

Having same problem. Let us know if you get solution

I’ve received 11.5 BAT after 3 YEARS of use.

I have the same issue. Can you help me to fix this?

Thank you @steeven May I ask you why I was flagged? I use the browser only for my studies (and some other personal browsing, of course), and I haven’t used any VPN, if that is the reason to get flagged.

Also, have you removed the flag? I am asking you since I don’t think the issue was fixed yet.

Same over here, since April no Payment

Same issue here. Still no payment.

I’ ve been experiencing this problem for over a year now and this has not been resolved. No payouts at all and it shows as still pending of BAT tokens on my brave browser. I ve contacted @steeven who was suppose to look into this and still has not resolved my issue. Its a shame!

Same here. Who’s got the solution?

@steeven , has my wallet been flagged as well? If yes, can you tell me why is this happening? I also don’t use VPN whatsoever

What’s the significance of using a VPN? Why would that flag your account. Are brave saying their browser isn’t compatible with a VPN? That would be pretty odd, as they market themselves as a secure private browser :upside_down_face:

@Dandar please let us know when your problem are resolved. :laughing: I saw your post last month. I thought you’ve got your BAT back then. :joy: