Still can't get my rewards in Argentina, it's a shame

Brave explorer should be able to pay everybody in the world, because that was what made Brave different among other browsers. Brave supposed to be fare about ads. Well… is not anymore, big contradiction. So, why we should keep using this browser? Where are our earned bats going every month? Why they took this decision?

They arrive in your Brave Rewards wallet. You have to claim each month. You are not losing out on BATs cause you’ll still be receiving ads till Argentina will be having active brave rewards ads. The BATs in your rewards wallet can’t be transferred out of the browser till you connect to the custodial wallets provided.

A lot of reasons come into play, Frauds from regions, government rules and regulations, selling Uphold / Gemini accounts taking place in that region… fake KYC/AML… the above are just some of the reasons. There are a lot of things which we (normal users) don’t know or won’t know.

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Claim how? custodial wallets?

Every month the rewards will be reconciliated and you get a “Claim” button to claim the corresponding BAT. The BAT will be then added to your balance in your browser.
So, you can keep accumulating until your country is supported again.

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Thx and Sorry if I don’t understand… So, I supposed to have a Claim button every month, or this is going to appear when the region is supported again? Because I don’t see that button anywhere.

That is correct. You’ll / should see it every month. Youll receive the claim button when the payments for unverified wallets starts.
You can check the payments status here

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