Still can't get ad notifications on desktop browser

I’m also having problems with my desktop brave browser not displaying ad notifications. I’ve seen others post with identical problems but haven’t found a solution. I’m on Windows 10 browser version 1.4.95 and have ad settings turned on and set to 5 per hour. I have used Brave for a few days now and live in the US, so I don’t think it’s really a problem of just not being served with any ads.

The main problem, I think, is that when I go to the notification and action settings, I don’t even see Brave as an app to turn on notifications. Focus assist is also turned off.

Any help would be great.

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Hi @iamsocool - thanks a bunch for reporting! Are you running a VPN by chance?

@steeven No, no vpn currently

I’m also experiencing this exact same issue.

Edit: After replying to this thread, I scrolled to the top of the page above the title and clicked on an option that said something along the lines of “Do you want to be notified about this thread?” I chose yes, and another box popped up asking if I wanted to allow notifications for Brave. I chose “Allow”, and notifications for Brave were enabled. I can now see Brave listed under apps in the Notification and Action settings as well. Hopefully this helps!

Here are a couple of things I have learned from trying to troubleshoot brave browser and ads.

1: Download [ref] [non-ref]

Check out to see how Brave is progressing and see more info

On Desktop:

  1. If you use a VPN, make sure it is running when you download, install and start brave browser. (it isn’t REQUIRED to do those things, but it just keeps it simple)
  2. On Windows 10 – make sure notifications are turned on for the browser, on in general, and Focus Assist is off.
  3. start the brave browser and go through the setup.
  4. Head on over to this website to invoke a notification ->
  5. you should begin noticing ads if and when they become available to you. Depending on how many ads are served in your area, you may notice it frequently… but it will come no more than 5 times an hour.
  6. If you do not notice ads in a while, restart the rewards service. Head over to your brave rewards settings, turn off Brave Rewards, then turn ON Brave Rewards (you will not lose any BAT doing this).

ON MacOS – Same steps as Windows, just different settings.

  1. Make sure do not disturb is turned OFF for the times you want to receive ads

If you notice crashes on mac or pc

  1. You can go to the folder that the device is installed in and copy, then delete the main folder.
  2. Reinstall the browser
  3. Copy over files from the copied folder to the new folder… but do this one or two files/ folders at a time – until you receive your settings or BAT that you want, and it doesn’t crash.

There is probably more to it than these simple instructions, but these are very basic troubleshooting tips that have kept brave browser working for me

Edit: a trick to the ads is when you enable the brave rewards… leave the mouse alone. Don’t click the keyboard. Count down 30 seconds from your last click or mouse move. After that, start to do something on the computer and it MIGHT show an ad.

Edit 2: like the other user mentioned. It depends on the area.

Edit 3: Rewards just rolled out a couple months ago and is still starting gain traction. It has to work against companies like google, Microsoft, yahoo, Facebook. And it’s not like the ads are going with the same models as those ads. It’s a completely different method and the fact that they are able to provide a service like this, is a game changer.

Edit 4: it’s not all about earning bats for yourself. Yes you are able to earn and save bats for yourself, but it’s also one of their models that we give tips, especially to good content and to creators that believe in this model.

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My problem was solved in step #4 when I enabled the notifications through the website, thank you

Step 4 fixed this issue, thank you. :grin:

im having the same problem bro. wish you luck let me know when it work

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