Still Broken: Ctrl + Shift + V Doesn’t Work in Google Sheets for Paste Special

This is still and issue, on mac too, any progress on fixing it?

In Google Sheets, I am unable to “Paste Special” (i.e. paste without formatting) by using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V.

There are a couple caveats to this – for when Ctrl + Shift + V will work:

It will paste special if my cursor is actually inside the cell (i.e. by double clicking or pressing F2).
It will paste special if the I copied other cells from within that spreadsheet.
So, basically, the issue is when I copy data from outside the spreadsheet. So let’s say I copy “25” from any other source (e.g. Email client, Word Document, notepad, whatever), then I go into my Google Sheet and press Ctrl + Shift + V while the destination cell is highlighted, nothing will happen.

It works fine in chrome. In Brave, I made sure there’s no extension shortcuts mapped to the Ctrl + Shift + V that might be overriding it. I also tried in incognito with no extensions on.

Hi @jaredburger

Does it occur in other browsers? Like Firefox? or Edge?

Thanks for asking. Works fine in Chrome and Firefox.

Have the exact same issue.
You copy some text from wherever - open Google Sheets - try to do ctrl+shift+v and nothing.
You copy some text from the Spreadsheet, do a ctrl+shift+v works great.
You then go to another tab, copy some text, do a ctrl+shift+v on google sheets and what the clipboard is storing is the value for that tab.

Its as though:
ctrl+v - shared clipboard
ctrl+shift+v - per tab clipboard

I could replicate the same clipboard issues in Firefox and Edge, not a Brave specific issue.

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