Sticky Password Extension in Brave

Hi, I was able to install the Sticky Password extension on Brave but it’s grayed out and doesn’t autofill as it’s meant to. (It works perfectly in Safari and Chrome).

I’m on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 and Brave Version 1.16.76

Any suggestions for a workaround and does anyone know if Brave is addressing this issue?


Hello @nyinjewn

go to brave://extensions/ and click on the 3 verticcal dots next to it then enable it and check if it need any configuration there

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks @justsomeone1

I’m not sure which 3 vertical dots you’re referring to, but when I go to extensions I don’t see a way to enable or configure. this is what I see:

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 12.19.43 PM

And if I just go straight to the 3 lines at the top right of the browser I see this:

you welcome @nyinjewn
the first image is what i ment and that red toggle mean it enabled

but not sure why it does not work is there any option when you click on details that need to configure

and let me ask someone from the team to help you @Aa-ron

and have a nice day both of you

Thanks, I appreciate it. There’s nothing else to enable when you click details. And I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

I think if this doesn’t work out it might be the final straw for Brave. First all my rewards disappeared because apparently it defaulted to some setting that drained the account. Then another extension didn’t work. Now this extension… But I want to stay with Brave!!

Hi @nyinjewn, Welcome to Community!
In regards to your rewards disappearing, that might be an auto contribute bug, if you want to look into it, please send me a DM.

In regards to this password extension - it looks like there is no version of it on the chrome web store and it is installed via the app on your computer. On my machine I don’t see Brave as an option to install. It should work fine if it was installed via the web store. Also it looks like Sticky Password does not have official Support for Brave. -
I would recommend contacting their Support to see if they can open an issue for this.

Thank you @Aa-ron. It’s true that Sticky Password doesn’t have official support for Brave, but I did find it in Chrome store ( so I just opened the URL in Brave. Guess that doesn’t always work!

Hi again. Working with Sticky Password but they’re stumped. According to them they can get it working perfectly. It’s not grayed out and it autofills. I still can’t get it to work. I’ve uninstalled browser and extension several times. And actually I can’t even get Brave to stop autofilling. despite having unchecked every category of autofill. Starting to have a bit of a “pox on both your houses” feeling to be honest.

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