Steps to cancel creator account

I would like to know the steps that must be followed to cancel a creator account and not appear as a verified account to receive donations. Patience has a limit and our time is worth much more than what Brave can offer.

After several months waiting for a response from the claims department, responding privately with my data to the same steeven, without receiving any response, I will not wait any longer. It is very disappointing to have a website with more than 10 years old and small but loyal users. The website does not have advertising for its maintenance and when reading about Brave I made the mistake of thinking that a reward could be obtained for its content without invasive advertising for its users. After convincing users to install the browser and donate their profits for the maintenance of the web, I have been like an idiot. If the deception was only for me, there would be no problem. But the disappointment to all the web users who have believed my words about the browser, I do not know what I can do to compensate them. I can only tell you that I was wrong and I have been the victim of a scam, forgive me and uninstall the browser. I hope to close this episode of my life as soon as possible. The Brave project promised to be very good, but not the resources for its management or the forms or guidelines for its maintenance. A shame I wish you luck with its continuity and that new better alternatives do not arise that sink the project.

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