Status on bookmark sync?


Anything new about fixing the bookmark sync problem?

As another user wrote in January he couldn’t understand why this wasn’t your first priority and wasn’t fixed a long time ago. I agree. And now we have almost reached August. This is the only thing I need before I can use Brave as my everyday browser - or actually use Brave at all. I need the syncronization to work between my phone, pc’s and tablet. The new Microsoft Edge - which also runs very smooth on Chromium - can do this. Soon Edge will also support Linux and then I think many Linux users including myself will change to Edge if not Brave has fixed the problem. So please make it work soon! Your product is very promissing but unfortunately not intact and usable for the moment. At least that’s my opinion.

Yes. Sync v2 is coming and will re-enable sync and will support more data types. If you’ve a moment to search for an update in this forum, you’ll find this thread Brave Sync v2 soon available in Nightly, will disable Sync v1 :sweat_smile:

It’s always in priority. But development can take times.

Should be available in early August with 1.12.x release (if not changed).

Great to hear this feature is getting back soon. Looking very forward to switch back to Brave again :slight_smile:

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