STATUS_BREAKPOINT Brave pages dead: Downloads, settings, Help, bookmarks management

Brave (internal local) pages:
bookmarks management
(all are dead pages now on Brave),

Just get
“Aw, Snap!” “something went wrong while displaying this webpage”


cant quote you the version, as even “help” page is crash, but I just downloaded the latest version from community (June 11, 2021). Same problem as the version I had installed.

Brave had been working OK for more than a year on my Win7 system.

Brave "Ad Block " page still opens… NO Boxes are checked.
I also run programs/applications for several years (with no issues)
These security programs:
Eset AntiVirus
Eastek Eraser

and these internet/network programs:
ChromeBrowser (no issues)
CCleaner Browser (no issues
TORBrowser (no issues)
Viber (no issues)
Surfshark VPN (no issues)

Hey community… I found this info on the community… and the JAVA setting fix worked !. I did not do the beta-version install this other brave-browser user tried. Just the Brave://flags (then change java setting to “ON”)

between the “…”


Same bug here.
I renamed the default profile in order to create a new one at the start up and nothing has changed.
So i decided to install the beta and this one works now. And i moved the old profile to the beta, it still works.

After some research, i found the option blocking the setting webpage:
You can still use the brave://flags/
if you disabled the option : Latest stable JavaScript features
Turn it on

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