Status bar at the bottom of the browser window, indicating page load

Most browsers I’m used to show a status bar at the bottom that includes some status information while a webpage loads. In Firefox, for example, the status bar would say “Transferring data from …” or some other indication that the site is loading.

In brave it seems this indicator is the reload icon next the URL bar turns into an “X” to indicate the page is loading. But I am never looking up there, and I expect something eye catching at the bottom of the browser, i.e. a status bar.

For those of us in development, sometimes we are waiting longer than normal for a page load. Since I switched over to Brave I have found myself wondering if the browser is doing anything or maybe I didn’t click the link or whatever, since I don’t see any loading indicator unless I look up at the refresh icon.

Unless there is already a hidden option for this somewhere?

Edit: I do see a status bar sometimes. I just saw it say “waiting for” or some such, but it only showed once, so it seems the behavior is consistent?