Statistics disappeared and payment did not come

A few days ago, statistics disappeared in my personal account. And today and yesterday I did not receive the payment.
Help me please

I would post to this thread, but it is closed Publishers Payout Update Thread: September 2020

Same problem here mi Uphold is connect and verifed so i cant understand what happend , please @steeven check out these before closed all payments

Note: I have not received my payment and I think it is due to this

Please answer, payment still not received, but already on September 10

same question here @steeven :unamused:

There’s some problem, developers are working on it, it seems. Even I’m having the same problem.
Hope everything gets alright soon. :crossed_fingers:

asi estoy yo @steeven dice pago procesado pero no me llego el pago

y no veo que resuelvan nada

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Estoy esperando mi pago desde el 8 de este mes y nada que se procesa. Espero una respuesta pronto porque no veo mucha información en la comunidad respecto a este atraso.

yo igual estoy esperando el pago… Si saben de algo comuniquenlo gracias brothers

Hi @kcerte @Gus1610 - please DM me the email linked to your accounts. Thanks in advance!

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email send you thanks

buenas tardes cual es el correo de soporte para enviar toda la informacion

send DM to steeven :crossed_fingers:t2:

Send DM, please check

send dm bro. help me

buenas noches todavía se estarán realizando los pagos de referencias de brave creator es que no e recibido mi pago completo de las referencias pendientes de julio ni de las nuevas referencias de agosto sigo a la espera no e recibido ningún pago este mes

Now the announcement that the payment is being generated does not appear and I have not received my bat earned for the month of July, the statistics still do not appear as well as my reference link, it is time to generate an effective solution there are several users in it situation

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@Gus1610, as mentioned above, please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks.

I sent you the message 3 days ago :neutral_face:

You didn’t answer me either, although I sent messages a few days ago