Statistic does update since 12/1?

Hello Brave,
The “INSTALLED” and “DOWNLOADED” in my Referral Promo Stats do not update since 12/1(one link stopped update since 11/30), could you please find out the reason for me?

Hi @jacky,

How about now? Has it updated since the 1st?

Thanks in advance!

I also have this bug. 30.11. installs and downloads are not added to my dashboard from NOV.

Ive just checked again, also the statistics from 1.12. are not added to the turquise dashboard. I mean is everything fine on the graph, just dashboard is not updated for 2 days. Statistics from 2.12. are added and fine.

Hello @steeven the statics of 11/30 and 12/01 are not updated.
statics of 12/02 is updated, but I think the data is not accurate.

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