Statements Delayed / Payouts not received / Ads test .dmg



Good evening,

I have been trying to get the statements since last week, everytime I try it I get the Delayed result.

Also, I have noticed that I have not received any payout, not even pendings.

I also received a .dmg ads test, but I run Windows. Any info about this?




Hi @bert88,
Thanks for reaching out.

cc @Asad on this. I believe it’s publishers statements right?

Payout date is happens at 8th of every month.

Nothing you can do about that since you’re using Windows. We just need to wait until the ads version have support for Windows user. :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi @bert88,

For the “Delayed” statements problem, try selecting a different date range and then generating a statement. There are definitely some bugs there we’re still working out. Also, once it says “delayed” try giving it some time / refresh the page a couple times. That often gets it working again.


Good morning,

Tried all date ranges possible.

Still getting the delayed thing.


UPDATE: Before it did not work, but now if I remove the shields it generates the report.
EDIT2: Now it don’t work without shields, looks like it works randomly.


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