Statement not updated


statement for jul - aug not is not present, what’s happen ?


I have the same for July.

I don’t understand why they can’t check directly from servers for listing all people with this issue, or maybe it’s a global issue, but no communication about it… @Mattches please

1 ticket and that’s ok now, is it possible to have the explain ?

They are already shown.

It’s just got updated, check your account…

“that’s ok now”, please read me first… but explain is cool #transparancy

Statement already Updated.

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Yeee, now I see my balance, but statement is still empty.

@Mattches up please an answer :slight_smile:

We uploaded to the statements on the 15th of the month. Can you check now?

Thank you Is it a fixed date ? @cory :slight_smile:

Please can someone answer ?

why is it so complicated to have an answer ?

please, an update should be nice

Hello, @hihouhou. I’m checking on this for you. I believe there could be some variance, but not much. I’ll get a solid answer for you asap though.

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Typically we try to upload these reports on the same day that we pay out. However last month the payment date fell on a weekend, so we were a little delayed uploading reports.

Typically you will see the updated balances on the 9th of the month.


perfect thank you for the answer

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