Startup Boost & Pop-up Cookie Blocker

Hello dear, there is a option on Microsoft Edge called ‘‘Startup Boost’’ which every time you startup your PC the browser also automatically startup on background, this option makes the opening browser instantly and fast. It would be great if you had this option in this Brave browser too.

Also need a pop-up cookie blocker in Shields, like EasyList Cookie or the own Brave filter list.

Thank you,

Open brave://adblock via the address bar and enable whichever filter lists you like. I can personally recommend Fanboy Annoyances + uBlock Annoyances.

Note that Fanboy Annoyances includes both Easylist-Cookie and Fanboy Social List, so don’t enable them if you enable Fanboy Annoyances.

If after enabling a filter list that is supposed to hide cookie banners, you get a cookie banner on any website, report that behavior so @fanboynz can take a look whenever possible.

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