Starting the browser up

When you click on the Brave Browser to bring it up initially in order to get a new tab or look for a specific older tab, instead of FIRST getting the square tab button (or whatever it’s called) which is to the left of the 3 vertical settings dots, the browser FIRST recreates that ENTIRE web page, which is wasteful of time and bandwidth.

Instead, the tab button, or whatever it’s called that has the number of tabs that you have in it, should be the very first thing that the browser creates and makes functional. This would allow you to IMMEDIATELY click on it and quickly either create a new blank tab or start scrolling up and down to find the actual tab you really want.

I don’t know if I’ve really explained this well enough. So if anyone doesn’t understand what I mean, please let me know and I’ll try to explain it better.

Basically, the browsers priority when the user clicks up the app initially, should be to give the user immediate CONTROL over the app, not just to recreate the website that the user was last looking at when they left the browser. Because likely this time they don’t want to see the last website they were on, they want a DIFFERENT one. Hence, the tab counter button should be the VERY FIRST thing to be made fully functional when you click up Brave.

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