Starting page/ tab in Brave for Android


First of all, thanks to the Brave team for their work. The best way to comment on your job is say Brave has been my default browser for several months…
I would like to suggest changes to the starting screen/ tab of the version for Android. I don’t know how much can indeed be changed as it is inherited from Chromium though.
Could you consider adding color themes? Chromium white theme is too bright. Personally I (but I’m sure many more users suffer from it) have a problem with eye-floaters, unpleasant matter hanging around inside eyes, that makes reading on any white surface problematic and very unpleasant. These floaters are seen more easily then. Changing the background color or, at least, the brightness level could facilitate reading…
Secondly, thumbnails. I’ve already written about them. Their appearance is pretty unpredictable, sometimes a thumbnail to a website I use frequently even gets deleted. It would be nice to allow the user to pin his thumbnails of choice, or allow more lines with thumbnails to appear on the staring tab? Without any such feature the usefulness of the start tab is rather questionable.
Finally, it would be nice perhaps to rethink the counters that appear above the thumbnails. In languages that use long words, text that accompanies the counters is squeezed into narrow columns and spoils the aesthetics of the tab…
The hints above by no means suggest I’m unhappy with Brave. It’s an excellent browser. IMHO it just could be even better.

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