Starting a Brave Ads Campaign!

I have a question regarding brave ads. I am owning a small business with my wife. She is an illustrator and we are selling either customized gift/wedding cards and also t-shirts on Amazon.

Now I am about to start a Brave Ads Tier I campaign. I am still not 100% sure how customers get well targeted. I am using Brave Browser myself and get many Ads from HRF or other sites I am not really interested in. Is this because they used a Tier 2/3 campaign?
How well does the targeting work? Does anyone has experience?

Will I really reach potential customers for our more arty site? ( <- you are welcome to tip if you like it;) or is Brave still more used by people who are interested in crypto and technical things?

Let me know what experiences you made with your first Brave Ad campaign!

Thank you!


Thank you for reaching out and showing an interest in joining our Ads platform!
If you havne’t yet seen it, we have a thread that addresses some common questions surrounding Ads that will likely contain your answer:

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.