"Start with my windows/tabs from last time" option not working on macOS



macOS: 10.12.6

Brave: 0.19.123
rev: f45cb3a2b308ea1c893f8b2db6143958b8e8d0ac
Muon: 4.5.31
libchromiumcontent: 63.0.3239.108
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Platform: macOS
OS Release: 16.7.0
OS Architecture: x64

I made sure that the option to save windows/tabs from last time was selected. However, every time I close and re-open the browser, it begins again with the new tab page.


I have a further clarification: this happens only if you click the X button without quitting the process (since in macOS there is a distinction between the two), somehow. If you close the Brave process itself, it’ll save the windows/tabs correctly.


Thanks for reportin @elin42,

Is this still happen on latest stable version (0.20.42)? Will also ccing @LaurenWags to take a look on this.


@elin42 if you close via the X as you mention, you are closing the window. Therefore, there isn’t anything to start with next time so Brave opens with a blank window. :slight_smile:



Ok, makes sense, but it still seems counterintuitive, especially when coming in from other browsers. Could we modify the feature so that it preserves the window if and only if it is the last/only one open?

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