Start up Brave ok but closes in .2 sec


Platform :
Windows 10 desktop

At Start up, always Brave starts up, opens at in address bar, in .2 sec it closes so no Brave access

Brave loads then closes in .2 sec after opening

Brave opens with in the Address bar

Efforts taken

  1. used Print Screen to find the above address in Brave brower

  2. made many attempt to delete errant address within .2 sec but unsuccessful

  3. did pc search of problem address above, but no change in result.

  4. I am successful with another use of Brave on my other Office/Work place computer which has Windows 10 platform

  5. I tried this mystery address on Windows Edge browser. It disappeared. No 404, nothing

  6. I tried this mystery address on Chrome, a youtube tab showed but nothing showed in the browser

  7. I have tried uninstalling Brave and reinstalling Brave. But same 2.sec. start up.

  8. I read 'Before you post

I hope this helps
I love Brave’s mission



Maybe try the ‘nuclear’ option. Read it through before starting. You’ll basically lose everything but if that’s ok with you then you can go right ahead.


Thank you. I am a new user on this computer. very little there. I will use the nuclear option. Thanks again CliqueBait. ooooh This won’t affect other browsers I may have. Correct?!?


I uninstalled Brave, deleted the Brave Folder , emptied the recycle bin. Reinstalled Brave. Started it. And the same thing still happens. Up and down in .2 sec.

I am going to do follow the instructions again Plus:

  • List item
    turn off and restart the computer and
    run my Norton Security
    then download and install a new Brave.

Here goes.

Will report if that works.

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