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Yesterday i was searching over 6 hours to find a solution to reset my wallet data but i couldn’t find any. Are you developers sleeping? There is no solution for it why?
I want to set a local wallet because many Youtubers don’t like Uphold. So how can i start now from zero and add a local Wallet? I don’t want to delete my %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data and get 1000 error messages.

Thank you

Hello @cruukz

what you mean with reset wallet data ?

do you want to create new wallet ?
or delete the donation/tip history ?
or something else?

If I understand you right, you want to receive the BAT you earn in a wallet you have complete control of. I’m sorry, that is impossible. Only the browser can access your account, and there’s no way to back it up, restore it, or change it out for your own BAT private key at this time. Uphold has a stranglehold on things, even if you want to cash out to giftcards! Insane!

all i want is to set it right up with 1 wallet BAT. Now i have 3 btc ethereum and last BAT. Ok now i understand a little bit more im new to crypto and every time i reset or reinstall the browser i need to login with my password. But there was a first installation where i didn’t need a password i could start from zero and create new seeds etc. Is there no option to do that? Because of my 3 wallets which i can’t delete setted up with a offline wallets from my usb stick “via” atleast i tried to do it right but something went wrong and now i want to install it right on my usb stick + a working BAT input from brave. so how can i delete the wallets from brave which having wrong adresses?

to make sure that i understand you

what you mean to delete wallet from brave you mean uphold wallet or this brave://wallet/

or do you mean you used that your uphold linked to unused/wrong/deleted brave device

or something else

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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