Start Brave with blank page on Android 12

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  1. Starting Brave Browser on Andriod 12
  2. How do I load a blank page as my default homepage instead of the last page visited
  3. I have tried setting home page to about:blank and brave://newtab. Neither loads a blank page on the startup

Expected result: Load blank page on startup instead of last page visited

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.39.115

Mobile Device detailsGalaxy Note 10 Plus, Android v.12

Additional Information:

Your tab will keep whatever you visited until you close it. So you’d need to close the tab in order for it not to be there the next time you open it.

It sounds like you’re just exiting the app but leaving browser tabs/windows open.

Got it. Thank you. What I did to get to what I wanted is as follows.

  1. Settings - Brave Shields and Privacy - Close Tabs on exit
  2. Settings - Homepage - Toggled to “On” and set “Open this Page” to “Brave’s homepage”. You can also specify a custom home page. For a completely blank homepage, enter about:blank as the homepage address.

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