Start Brave on homepage insted of last visited site

As the title says, every time I launch the app I want to be presented with the homepage instead of the last site I’ve visited.

Something like Firefox has an “Opening screen” and the option to choose Homepage. While 34 tabs are there, It doesn’t load/open them until I choose one of them to be.

Hello, I saw your post in the list of new posts and hoped I could help in some way.

Let me know If I am misunderstanding, but it seems like you wish to combine both of these highlighted options:
If that is correct, and I am trying to do the same, then I would like to offer some solutions to you that I am using until this becomes a feature.

I am currently selecting the first option ( Continue where… ) and have my Homepage pinned. The previous session tabs are not loaded, and before closing that session I selected my homepage pinned tab, it will be the first tab displayed upon re-opening the browser.

Before I started doing that, and you might find this method offers more choice, I had selected the (Open a specific page….) launch option and pressed Ctrl+Shift+T to re-open my previously closed session. The downside of this, and why I pinned the Homepage instead, is that it opens a new window on my system and I have not thoroughly tested it with a large number of tabs.

Hope this is of some use to you, and that we don’t have to wait very long.
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