Start a new chain link in sync is gone

I’m trying sync my bookmarks from my old phone to new. Maybe I’ve tried to many times.There is no longer start a new chain link session option on either phone. Also no option to clear or rest. I’ve rebooted both phones several times still takes you to the 2nd page add a device first. No way to clear and start a new session.

You’ll most likely find all info there. Do reach out if any other assistance is required.

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Hello @Up2

Thank you for reaching us and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. One question, have you updated both devices to the latest Brave version?

Be waiting for your response!

Yes, the problem Im having is it takes me straight to this page ,so 1st page is gone on both phones .I push sync and go straight here everytime no opportunity to start a new link.

Delete the sync accounts on both phones and you should be good to go.
Or just click on add new device → on the other device go to settings → Sync → Scan or enter code.

0k great thank you I will try that and you know:)

That did the trick ! Thanks so very much!

No problem. Glad that I was able to be of help!

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