Standard release v. Dev

What is the current status of the standard release v. Dev Build?

I’ve been using Dev only for quite a while but as far as I know only the standard release still has TOR tabs and Session tabs.

Are these expected to be available in Dev anytime soon?

Also, is the standard release still being updated?


Hi, by “standard release” do you mean version 0.25 or 0.26? If so, that version is no longer supported and officially considered obsolete. The new version is anything >0.55 (called Brave-core). We are at 0.58 right now, as of early January 2019, in the standard release, which you can download from

All Brave-core versions (release and dev) both have Private Windows with Tor. You can access them via the hamburger menu on the top right. We hope to bring back session tabs and private tabs in the future as part of our backwards-feature-parity work.

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Thanks. I was referring to 0.25.2, which I hadn’t used for months, having expected Dev to morph into a new ‘standard’ release. (The version I just downloaded is, so almost the same v. as the Dev Build I’ve been using.)

I thought you were referring to Dev. in your last sentence re ‘sessions tabs’ and ‘private Tor tabs’. Now that I see that Dev has Tor tabs – and the current standard version lacks Session tabs (which I thought I was getting back) – is there any reason to use the standard release instead of Dev?

(BTW, I only see a hamburger in the standard release. Dev has a white up-arrow in a green circle.)

Developer release will always stay as developer release; it will never morph into standard release or anything like that. Each release channel (RELEASE, BETA and DEV) exist on their own tracks, and update separately.

Dev is less stable and some features (like BAT-related features) may be disabled.

All Brave-core versions (whether Release, Beta or Dev) all have Tor Windows. The only browser that has Tor Tabs at this moment is 0.26 and below, as Tabs (session tabs, private tabs, Tor tabs, etc.) have not been implemented yet in Brave-core (>0.55). Only their windowed variants have!

Thanks, didn’t realize that. I thought Dev was intended to be the next release version once all the chinks were eliminated, but it makes sense that ‘development’ would never stop, so there’d always be a Dev version in the works.

What is a New Private Window with Tor without private Tor tabs? – i.e., what does it accomplish that a normal Private/Incognito window doesn’t?

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