Standard macOS navigation functions

It’s cool that there are navigation functions that Select Previous Tab and Select Next Tab based on recently used order (navigation history) but I lack standard MacOS navigation functions Show Previous Tab and Show Next Tab that are based on actual tab position.


That’s listed there…

Hi @Saoiray . No, it unfortunatelly isn’t and it seems that it is not even up to date

This is probably what you’re refering to, but it’s actually this:

And it’s what I’ve actually described as based on recently used order, not actual order

Interesting, if you’re saying particular commands on that site aren’t valid. Unfortunately, I’m on Windows so can’t go to replicate or verify.

Based on what I was seeing you mention though:

I took that as if you were trying to navigate left or right (or up and down) through your tab based on the location of the tab.

For me on Windows, that’s Ctrl + Tab which will go left to right, switching from whichever location I’m at. Even if I rearrange tabs, it will only go left to right from the current tab. So it doesn’t go off of recently used order as I saw you mention.

Also, I know if I want to go to a specific tab, would hit Ctrl + whichever number I want to go to, such as Ctrl + 8. I know they list similar commands on yours. Those should be:

But yeah, if wanting to sort through tabs based on order they were recently used or the history, I’d say that doesn’t exist.

Not sure what I’m seeing on the picture above.

Well, I’ve found where is the difference between us @Saoiray

But still, you can have one or the other, but unfortunately not both :frowning:

Regarding that unrecognizable screenshot, sorry for that, this is probably better:

But according that documentation it should be: