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Is Brave a stand alone browser or an extenion of Google. It looks to me to be an extension. I’d like to break free of Google but I’m not sure if Brave is the answer as searchiong appears to go through Google.

Brave is a project upon Chromium that has removed google services, and for any that need to be used, the brave site acts as a proxy. There’s more info on all that somewhere, just don’t have it handy. A search found results for me before.

Basically all the best results of the Brave project and the ungoogled-chromium project are being enjoyed on Brave.

Thanks for your response, I’m sorry I’m not the most tech savvy. I see the Google symbol in my search bar. Is Brave searching or Google? Which companies filters are being used? Maybe the Barve app didn’t load properly.

Mark G. Krevis

For some reason Google might be the default search engine, I have no idea why that is, but I’d guess Google pays others to have it’s search engine be the default. But go to brave://settings/search to choose your search engine. Also under that choice there’s another area you can set up shortcuts to use other search engines than your default. Like my default is DuckDuckGo, but if I need google maps I just type “:g” first in the bar then my search string.

Brave has no search engine of it’s own, so if you search google, you’re dealing with google. I don’t think any externally sourced autocomplete is used, unless Brave supplies some. As for filters, for Shields (adblocker), you can choose the ones you want brave://adblock/

As the page says, those are additional/optional blocklists: the settings don’t change the main list(s) used by Shields.

A quick Duckduckgo search found me this: seems interesting

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